Oven Baked Hot Chocolate

Have you ever been faced with doubt? I mean doubt literally ran up in your space, like “Hey! I’m here to tell you that nobody believes in you.” Then it just feels like everywhere you turn people around you are doubting you based off of what they see and not what they know. Don’t let […]

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Apple Cobbler Waffles

OMG! Apple Cobbler Waffles! Yep…I’m making it. Easy, Simple, and straight to point.

If only life was that way right? Its hard work to live…like just to live in general. Its hard! If I could wake every morning determined to accomplish something, and actually bust it out the park and complete it….OMG!! That would be the life, but that isn’t life. Unfortunately, there are twists and turns that can get you distracted…

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Pear Sage Stuffed Mushrooms

The beauty of simplicity. Mushrooms and Sage. mmm mmm mm Its amazing how you can take the simplest (and sometimes most overlooked) ingredients and create something so beautiful. I get excited when I use the simplest ingredients to create something amazing. Which is safe to say pretty much goes for any of you when  you’re […]

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Baked Sweet Potato w/ Salted Caramel Granola

There’s something about mid-November that gets you in a giving and sharing mood-not that you aren’t already a giving person-however the holiday season just boosts it up times ten. Thanksgiving in my home-pretty much anyone’s-is about SWEET POTATOES!! Sweet Potato Pie (not a fan)… Sweet Potato Casserole… Candied Yams (Sweet Potatoes)… Baked Sweet Potatoes… You […]

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Booooo-zy Cupcakes

As you know Halloween is literally right around the corner… so here are some super easy halloween themed cupcakes to have for your halloween bash or simply just to pig out on while you binge watch scary halloween classics. Either way you’ll love them, and you won’t be up baking all night. It’s a win win situation […]

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Spicy Catfish Waffle Slider

WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO HERE! How many times have you seen a  chicken and waffle slider?  Billions. I know. Now how many times have you seen a catfish and waffle slider? Better yet, how many time have you seen a catfish and waffle slider by One Feisty Chef? Okay, well that was a little narcissistic, […]

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