Grilled Lobster w/ Blood Orange Butter

I told myself I wasn’t going to sleep until I completed this post, simply because I’m attempting to do better when it comes to managing work and blog life. I’ve been so focused on growing my business that I haven’t been consistent with the expansion of my brand. Mainly because I’ve been wrapped up in […]

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BBQ Catfish

I’m all for quick and low maintenance meals. Especially when is comes to running a business, maintaining this blog, and ensuring that my son and husband get as much as my presence as possible. I have to admit keeping the balance between being a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and wanting my family to eat quality healthy […]

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Shrimp Phô

We’ve been having some cold weather in Houston for a while now. Typically, it isn’t cold this long, but I’m not complaining. The cold weather has been really nice. Cold weather tends to bring out the best things in my opinion. Especially the food. I mean come on.. gumbo, tomato basil soup, broccoli cheddar, etc. […]

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