#TeaTalk: How I Noticed the Strength in My Growth

With all of the progress that I’ve made on my quest for positivity and alacrity this year… why do I find myself muffling that same growth when I’m faced with discomfort. It’s one thing to allow growth in your life and to start making certain changes to further it, but how strong is your growth? […]

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Oatmeal Pancakes w/ Honey Roasted Plums & Pears

I’ve been running again! However, this time it’s different. How? Because I’m no longer drilling myself with the obsession of being skinny. Instead, it’s my quiet time. My time to clear my head, relax, and focus on the “now.” It feels good. About a week ago, I did a 3 day smoothie cleanse. I needed […]

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Chocolate Espresso Waffles

You ever felt guilty about something you didn’t even do? I feel like the worst friend in the world right now, simply because I’ve been sparing peoples’ feelings, oppose to telling them the truth, and holding them accountable for their actions. Avoiding truth and accountability, puts you in the crossfire. By accountability I mean developing […]

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