Corn Pudding Stuffed Porkchops w/ Spiced Apple Glaze

When the holidays come around I’m always looking for new ways to create festive and vibrant dishes. Plus I’m extremely burned out on turkey and roasted ham at this point in my life. So I opted for this tasty and more personal dinner combo. You still get the salty pork, with with savory stuffing and […]

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Shrimp Phô

We’ve been having some cold weather in Houston for a while now. Typically, it isn’t cold this long, but I’m not complaining. The cold weather has been really nice. Cold weather tends to bring out the best things in my opinion. Especially the food. I mean come on.. gumbo, tomato basil soup, broccoli cheddar, etc. […]

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Ultimate Hot Chocolate Bar

Houston definitely isn’t Winter friendly, but we don’t really care. Just because it doesn’t feel like Winter, doesn’t mean we can’t do Winter stuff. You can buy hot chocolate all year round, so why are you only expected to drink it during the winter time, or when its cold outside. Maybe I just want something […]

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