Roasted Mandarin Waffles

Man oh man! I have been craving waffles for the absolute longest. I don’t know why I had such an insane notion to deprive my beautiful soul of such a glorious carb. 🤤 NEVER AGAIN! I woke up this morning saying to myself.. Before I do ANYTHING, I’m eating some freaking waffles. A HUGE plate […]

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Ultimate Hot Chocolate Bar

Houston definitely isn’t Winter friendly, but we don’t really care. Just because it doesn’t feel like Winter, doesn’t mean we can’t do Winter stuff. You can buy hot chocolate all year round, so why are you only expected to drink it during the winter time, or when its cold outside. Maybe I just want something […]

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Apple Cobbler Waffles

OMG! Apple Cobbler Waffles! Yep…I’m making it. Easy, Simple, and straight to point.

If only life was that way right? Its hard work to live…like just to live in general. Its hard! If I could wake every morning determined to accomplish something, and actually bust it out the park and complete it….OMG!! That would be the life, but that isn’t life. Unfortunately, there are twists and turns that can get you distracted…

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