Shrimp Stuffed Poblano Peppers

I am literally losing my mind! In excitement of course. I’ve been holding on to this recipe for a while. I think now is a good time to share it, don’t you? I’m in a pretty good mood this morning – I mean it is Saturday after all. On top of that, I have the […]

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Spicy Catfish Waffle Slider

WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO HERE! How many times have you seen a  chicken and waffle slider?  Billions. I know. Now how many times have you seen a catfish and waffle slider? Better yet, how many time have you seen a catfish and waffle slider by One Feisty Chef? Okay, well that was a little narcissistic, […]

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Mandarin Buffalo Catfish Nuggets

You ever jumped the gun on an idea or assignment?
Man… I just knew I was going to record a video for this sauce..I was WRONG! Like DEAD WRONG! That camera was like “Girl Bye, you ain’t recording today.”
I should have known things were going wrong for a reason, but instead I just got frustrated – and was ready to give up – but I quickly got over that..

Check Out How!

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